Worcestershire Youth Cabinet

Worcestershire Youth Cabinet

This is a group of young people (aged 11 to 18) who aim to provide all of the young people who live in Worcestershire with a voice.

The Worcestershire Youth Cabinet is a group of young people (aged 11 to 18) who aim to provide all of the young people who live in Worcestershire with a voice – a voice that is heard and listened to by local, regional and national government, by providers of services for young people and by any other agencies who have an interest in the views and needs of young people.

We are committed to helping and representing you and your needs.

So, if you have any issues that you think we can help you with or if there’s anything you think needs action to bring to the attention of decision makers and authorities, get in touch. Through these pages you can find out all about what we’re doing on your behalf, have your say by voting on a wide range of issues or contact us with your thoughts, ideas and questions.

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Aims of Worcestershire Youth Cabinet

How did we get here?

We get our top issues from a survey called ‘Make Your Mark’ that collects the views of young people. Every year we focus on the results of Worcestershire young people and we have turned them into our campaigns for the upcoming year.

Protect the environment

Working with professionals and relevant people to include; District Council portfolio holders, civil servants and heads of departments. We will raise awareness of the impact of climate change in the widder community. We also aim to also highlight the changes Worcestershire residents can make a positive difference to the environment.

Raising awareness of mental health

We want to continue to encourage discussion about Mental Health through events and focus on reducing male mental health stigma helping schools to be more proactive and supportive.


Youth Cabinet meetings and consultations


Youth Cabinet meetings are held once a month, where a wide range of issues that are important to young people are discussed. Members provide an update about what has been happening in their Districts and discuss any projects or campaigns that are being worked on as well as any other issues that are raised. Often meetings focus on a particular theme, with those who work in these areas invited along to hear the views of young people.

We can also host informal meetings to plan and prepare for campaigns and events when they are needed. In addition to these meetings, members of the Youth Cabinet can also get involved with various other opportunities if they so wish. This might include giving presentations at conferences or events, attending meetings to represent the views of young people, or helping out with other relevant projects and initiatives.

In the summer we will also meet for a two day residential where we have fun, plan and learn skills via workshops.


Worcestershire Youth Cabinet have a responsibility to seek out the views of their constituents (young people of Worcestershire). This is carried out throughout the year using various methods: Questionnaires, face to face interviews and Surgeries through the county held in youth settings.

Make Your Mark

Every year Worcestershire Youth Cabinet promote and take part in Make Your Mark ballot run by Youth Parliament and British Youth Council.

British Youth Council Make Your Mark

This is the largest national consultation for young people which asks you to vote on the top issue.

This consultation helps shape Worcestershire’s local campaigns and is used by councils and politicians to have a snapshot of what issues matter to young people.

Make your Mark 2022 results

2,362 local young people voted in this year’s Make Your Mark consultation. There were given a ballot with topics and asked to vote on their top issue.

  1. environment - 501 votes
  2. jobs, money, homes and opportunities - 468 votes
  3. education and learning - 465 votes
  4. health and wellbeing - 460 votes
  5. poverty - 261 votes
  6. our rights and democracy - 123 votes
  7. Covid-19 recovery - 84 votes

Worcestershire Youth Cabinet partnership work

The Worcestershire Youth Cabinet work with a range of services, groups and organisations to advise and assist them with relevant youth issues.

This could be to carry out a consultation on their behalf, advice on accessibility of services and surrounding information and to share good practice of youth involvement.

Join us

We are a group of young people aged 11-18. We live and/or study in Worcestershire.

We join for many reasons; some are work experience hours, to make an impact to our community, to have fun and make friends. We encourage you to visit one of our meetings to see what it is like.

If you would like to come again then we can formally welcome, you to the team. We like to hear about your interests and idea’s. Some people like to do this with a speech and others like to add views at meetings.

As a team member you can choose to stand in the cabinet for along as you would like. Once 18 you can still stay and be a mentor. There are many roles in the team, to being the chair, helping with admin, social media and recruiting members. Everyone has an opportunity to get involved as much or a little as they would like.

Most importantly you will be representing Worcestershire young people in your local area at events, meetings and promoting opportunities. Campaigning on issues that matter to young people.

Please contact us for any questions or if you would like to get involved.

Worcestershire Youth Cabinet

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