About the Community Services Directory

About the Community Services Directory

The directory helps people find information from local groups, services and activities.

What is the Community Services Directory?

The Community Services Directory is a platform for all residents in Worcestershire to find helpful information about registered health and wellbeing groups, services, and activities locally and across the county.

It is a way to enable people to stay informed, healthy, and independent, by providing relevant information, when they need it.  It is a great way to connect people to local services and to the variety of voluntary and community groups across Worcestershire.

The directory is also a valuable way for local service providers to create awareness about what they do; a way to showcase groups and activities in the county and increase awareness about the choices available.

As there is a wealth of information to benefit people across Worcestershire, the directory also provides an easy-to-use reference tool for practitioners.

To help you on your way, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

How can the directory help me?

It can provide you with helpful information on services available in your area- there is a wealth of information that covers the following areas:

  • food, supplies and befriending 
  • healthy lifestyle 
  • looking after someone 
  • maintaining independence 
  • mental health and wellbeing 
  • money matters 
  • recreation, activities and things to do 
  • support for refugees
  • travel and transport 
  • volunteering 
  • work and learning 

What area does the Community Services Directory cover?

The directory has been developed primarily for residents of Worcestershire. There is also information on some national organisations who provide services or activities in Worcestershire or those who provide digital services.

The directory is also a great resource for people moving to the county, and for people looking out for friends or family living in the county. We also have an informative ‘Your Area’ resource that will help you find out more about your local schools, GP services, councillors etc. You can find out more by visiting Worcestershire County Council - My Local Area.

How do I know the information is up to date?

We ask all organisations that register on the directory to manage their own listings, so they are responsible for updating their information. We do regular checks on records to make sure links and content is relevant and we run a regular review cycle where we ask registered organisations to check and confirm their listings. 

We hope that this means the information you find on the directory will be correct. If you do see something that you know is out of date or incorrect, please do let us know by using the “Report incorrect or missing information” button in the organisations record.

How do I search for information on the directory?

There are various ways to search:

  • if you know the organisation you are looking for you can search for them by name
  • if you are looking for a service or type of group you can search keywords such as ‘Mental health’, ‘Food bank’ or ‘Scouts’ to find organisations in your area
  • alternatively, you can choose a specific type of support from the ‘Type of Support’ dropdown list

You can type your postcode into the postcode box to search for the organisations nearest to you. If you leave the postcode box blank, all organisations across the county will be listed.

Top tip: When searching using words or phrases, keeping your search terms short e.g., put “walking” rather than “walking groups”. This will give you the most inclusive results. If you do not find a result it might be worth looking for different variants of your search.

Top tip: If you have used the search bar and then wish to do a new search using the location and category filters, make sure you use the clear button to reset the search.

What if I can’t find the service I am looking for or want to give feedback?

If you are unable to find what you're looking for during your search, please use the ‘Can't find what you’re looking for?’ button to let us know if there are services or organisations that you would like to see included in the directory.

If you would like to provide feedback about the directory, please email the Strengthening Communities team at StrengtheningCommunities@worcestershire.gov.uk with the subject line “CSD feedback”

How do I add my organisations details to the directory?

If you run a charity, service or group that contributes towards the improvement of Health and Wellbeing of residents in Worcestershire please click on the Register your services section at the top of the directory.

You can then complete the short registration form, where you can add your service or group description, along with contact details. 

Once the team receive your form, we’ll review your submission and add you to the directory or contact you if we need any further details. Please note if we feel your submissions isn’t suitable, we will let you know and you will have the opportunity to review and re-submit based on any recommendations.

Tip: It’s good if you can tick all categories which are appropriate for your service, as this will help people find your information when using the search filters on the website.

Are there any other benefits of joining the directory besides having a listing?

We would like to make you aware of further services that may be of benefit to you so please tick the communications consent box during registration. This means we may be able to send you information on funding opportunities, networks and events or awareness weeks and promotions you may want to be involved with.

We also have a ‘community funding and projects’ page where you will find resources, and a range of useful information to help people actively participate in their communities. You can find out more by visiting Community projects and funding.

How do I make the most from my listing?

Your listing is the way you can communicate with residents through the Community Services Directory. To create that impact and to let people know who you are, your information will need to reflect the service you provide, be clear and easy to understand and up to date. When building or updating your listing, it’s good to have the following in mind:

  • keep your information easy to read and include any contact information
  • use all the fields on the form, to give people as much detail as possible
  • select all categories relevant to your service or activity
  • keep your listing up to date
  • include a website where possible and any links to your social media accounts

How do I update my information?

If you already have a listing on the directory, you can request a review by emailing StrengtheningCommunities@worcestershire.gov.uk

We will also periodically request that you complete a review so that the information we provide is up to date. If you notice anyone else’s information is incorrect, please get in touch and let us know.

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