Are you already fostering?

Are you already fostering?

Information and support if you are already fostering.

If you are already an approved foster carer, either for a private fostering agency, voluntary agency or another local authority, and you are thinking about changing then we would like to hear from you. If you live in Worcestershire, transferring to Worcestershire County Council is easier than you might think and there are many benefits:

  • children placed with you will be local and will have a local social worker who can visit when you need them
  • local fostering social workers who will be close by as and when you need support
  • regular placements  as we look to our own pool of carers first, you’re unlikely to have any gaps between placements (unless you want one!)
  • the local authority will provide support around the clock so there is always someone at the end of the line
  • competitive fees and allowances which are paid fortnightly, as well as holiday, birthday and clothing allowances
  • quality training which is delivered locally and will support you in gaining the skills you require and develop you as a carer
  • specialist support which is tailored to meet the needs of the individual child for example educational support, clinical psychologists, health advice
  • provision of foster carer peer support groups and forums, networking events and fun days

Manage invoices and payments

Fast track to approval

When experienced carers approach us we offer a ‘fast track’ to approval, as we know that you will already have undertaken relevant training and have an understanding of the fostering task.

We will evaluate the level of training you have already completed and may provide some refresher training where relevant, but you will not be expected to complete the ‘Skills to Foster’ course again.

We are required to complete a new Form F Assessment for you, but this can be completed much quicker, and we can gain a lot of the information we need by accessing references from you current agency/fostering provider.

If you would like to talk to someone about transferring to Worcestershire County Council then contact us today for an informal discussion.

Contact fostering

Financial support

Manage invoices and payments

Carer allowances paid are as follows from April 2023.

The allowance received is for the child and covers expenses like:

  • clothing
  • bed and board
  • activities
  • and hobbies
  • in addition to pocket money and savings

The Carer Fee refers to the payment made to carers for the care and accommodation provided to a child.

Level 1 carers are new to fostering and developing their experience and knowledge through their journey £102 per week

Level 2 carers have some fostering experience and have completed training to support their experiences £153 per week

Level 3 carers have a wealth of fostering experience and training £204 per week

A table showing what financial support carers could be given based on the child's age and the carers level
Age of Child Allowance for the Child Level 1: £102 per week Level 2: £153 per week Level 3: £204 per week
0 to 2 years £154 £256 £307 £358
3 to 4 years £159 £261 £312 £363
5 to 10 years £175 £277 £328 £379
11 to 15 years £203 £205 £352 £403
16 to 17 years £237 £339 £390 £441

As a fostering family you also receive some tax benefits if you foster, this varies from household to household and depends on how many weeks you have a child in place within a financial year. Foster Talk can also advise you about this and provide support with doing your Tax Returns as a Self-employed Foster Carer.

In addition to this payment throughout the year Worcestershire Children First fostering will make additional payments to you for the following, please see below.

Mileage will be paid in addition to carer allowances, per week mileage claims are on average are around £51 per week depending on the transport expectations of the child in place.

  • holidays (2 weeks fc allowance per year)
  • birthdays (1 week foster carer allowance per year)
  • religious festivals (1 week foster carer allowance per year)
  • initial clothing allowance (Between £214 to £532, depending on age)
  • school uniform allowance (Between £61 to £194, depending on age)

Training and development

Training and development of our foster carers is an important priority for us, as we believe this is important to ensure the best care for the children, and for the carers, in the demanding task of looking after someone else’s child. Applicants will be required to complete some of the training during the assessment process (before approval) and a varied programme of training is also available for approved foster carers to ensure their ongoing personal development.

What training do we offer?

Before approval

  • emergency first aid
  • safeguarding
  • safer caring
  • skills to foster preparation training/kinship preparation training
  • understanding behaviour
  • valuing difference

After approval

Core training

  • family time (contact)
  • what is health

Developmental training

A comprehensive programme of training is available from the download below.

Or please email for more details.

Training documents and links

Have you attended some fostering training recently?

We would love to hear your feedback

30 hours of childcare for fostered children

Children in foster care may be eligible for 30 hours of childcare if it is consistent with their care plan and foster carers are in paid work outside of their role as a foster parent.

30 hours of childcare for fostered children

Important documents

Children's guides to being in foster care

These guides provide information for children and young people about being in foster care. They also provide contact details for other people who can help.

Statement of purpose

The Statement of purpose outlines our aims and objectives; the way we recruit, approve, train and support foster carers; the diversity of our fostering service; staffing and management structure of the fostering service.

Foster Carer Handbook

The Foster carer handbook provides information and guidance on every element of being a foster carer.

The foster carer handbook is made up of the fostering and kinship policies, procedures and guidance.

Policies related to Fostering and Kinship Carers

Policies related to children

Policies related to Worcestershire Children First Fostering

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