Useful websites and organisations

Useful websites and organisations

We have included websites and organisations which have been recommended to Worcestershire County Council.

Many parents, carers and young people have found the internet and websites to be really helpful. A lot of organisations and charities offer help and support for SEND families, some are disability specific, others cover all disabilities. Because there is such a huge range of websites offering information, advice and support, covering all disabilities, we aren't able to list them all, but we've included ones recommended to us as a starting point.

With any disability specific websites/organisations listed in the directory below, the entry is listed by disability first, to make searching easier. For example, if you are searching for organisations or websites related to visual impairments, they would all be listed under V, any to do with autism, would come under A.

You may also find it is worth using a search engine such as Google to search for specific disabilities, syndromes and conditions.

We have included websites and links which have been recommended to Worcestershire County Council as ones that other parents and carers or young people find useful. They are run by outside providers and charities and are not provided by the council.

While every attempt to ensure all information held here is accurate, we cannot accept any responsibility for third party websites. Their inclusion here is for your information only and does not represent endorsement or recommendation by the council.

If you find a link is broken, or know of other sites you have found particularly useful please let us know by emailing

There are support groups for parent and carers. Find out more information on support groups in your area.

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