Reception to Secondary (5 to 11 years)

Reception to Secondary (5 to 11 years)

Things are changing, your child has started school, and sometimes this can be the point that either you, or someone at school, realises that maybe they need more support, and they could have a special educational need. They could be falling behind, or they are struggling to cope in school – they are not flourishing in this new environment. 

If you think that your child has a special educational need or disability (SEND), but are unsure of what to do, then have a look at the ‘I’m concerned about my child’s development’ section, it will give you pointers to who you can talk to.

We have tried to put together the details of services and support available to families with SEND children in this age group. We encourage you to look through it all, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’, and you may find that it contains information relevant to your situation.

You will find information that can help you navigate this new SEND world, who can help, along with useful websites and, information about parent support groups, as other parents can often the be best source of support and information.

Thinking ahead, as your child gets closer to 11, you may want to look at the ‘What Next?’ section, so you can start to prepare for what’s coming up.

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