What happens with a school or college travel application

What happens with a school or college travel application

Learn what will happen with your education travel application.

Applications for September

Application received via the online application form, from 1 March of the same year:

  • acknowledgement email automatically sent containing the EDT number, to be used to access the Application Tracker – please keep this safe as you will need to refer to this
  • application shows on the application tracker, 24 hours after being submitted
  • application received in Education Travel – a decision may not be made immediately and it may take several weeks for the application to be looked at during our busy times
  • application assessed and a decision made as to eligibility
  • acknowledgement email sent to the correspondence email address provided on the application, to advise if eligible or not
  • passed to the Transport Commissioning Team to allocate the relevant contract or local bus option
  • for under 16 eligible students, a pass will be sent out for the start of the new term
  • for post 16 eligible students, a payment letter email will be sent, once an allocation has been made
  • for non-eligible students who cannot be offered a pass immediately but who are added to a Vacant Seat waiting list, a letter will be emailed to confirm this
  • a reject letter will be emailed to any student who we cannot offer any form of transport to
  • the pass will be sent out as soon as an allocation has been made, for eligible students and once a payment has been received, for non-eligible or post 16 students

For in year applications

  • the same process as above applies to in year applications, although we aim to process an application within 20 working days
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