Mainstream school and college travel assistance

Mainstream school and college travel assistance

Check your eligibility, apply, track or manage your travel assistance.

Please note that all communication regarding school and college travel will now be via email - please ensure you provide an up-to-date email address at the time of application.

Before you apply

Check eligibility

Check your eligibility for school and college travel assistance.

Designated school search

Find out your designated school by selecting the search by postcode option.

Apply for travel assistance

If you would like to apply for travel assistance to your school or college you will need to submit an application online.

Your application

What happens with an education travel application?

Learn what will happen with your education travel application.

Track an application

The School Transport Application Tracker enables you to view the latest updates on your school or college transport application online and at a time convenient to you . 

If you are not eligible for free travel assistance

Severn Card student bus pass scheme

If you are not eligible for free under 16 travel assistance or over 16 travel assistance, we may be able to offer you the option to buy a Severn Card.

Vacant seat payment scheme

If your child is not eligible, the vacant seat payment scheme can help children with transport.

Pay for your school or college travel assistance

Pay for your school or college travel assistance.

Managing your travel assistance

Notify a change of address

Please notify us of any change of address, ideally the week before you are expecting to move.

Notify travel assistance no longer required

You must notify us if you no longer require travel assistance from Education Travel.

Order a replacement pass

If you have lost your pass or had it stolen, please complete the form and make payment, so a new pass can be issued to you.

Other useful information


Please select the appropriate option to find your school or college travel timetable.

Appeal a school or college transport decision

If you wish to appeal the decision with regards to your school transport application, please complete an appeal form.

School and transport policies

Worcestershire County Council, as the Local Authority responsible for education provision, has agreed a policy for Home to School Travel.

Contact school and college travel

Our contact details if you need to get in touch.

SEND travel assistance

Find advice on getting your child to school, apply for school and college travel and find out about the review and appeals process.

Behaviour on school and college transport

Expected levels of student behaviour on school and college transport.

Conditions of use for school transport bus passes

Information and conditions of use for school transport bus passes.

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