Appealing a school place offer

Appealing a school place offer

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The appeal process

The Appeals Team, based at County Hall in Worcester, make arrangements for appeals where the Admission Authority (AA) has not met a parent's preference for a particular school. The Appeals Team also deals with appeals where a pupil has been excluded from a school on a permanent basis.

The Appeals Team is separate from the education functions of the County Council and as much as they may want to help, cannot answer questions about the initial allocation of school places, school waiting lists, transport allocation or any of the day-to-day school questions.

All requests for appeals should be made to the School Admissions Team or to the school involved if that school is an Academy or Foundation School or where the school has voluntary aided status.

In addition to school appeals, the Appeals Team also makes the administrative arrangements for hearings convened as part of the Council's Representations Procedures (Social Services Review Panels and Corporate Representations Panels).

In respect of all appeals hearings, the Appeals Team is responsible for recruiting and maintaining a list of persons who serve on Appeals Panels. At panel meetings, staff from the Appeals team act as usher, adviser and facilitator, remaining with the Panel when they come to make their decisions. After the Appeal hearing, these staff also make sure all parties know what decisions have been made.

Appeals guidance

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Advisory Centre for Education (ACE)

Parents can also contact the Advisory Centre for Education, which is an independent national advice centre. They offer free telephone advice on many subjects, including exclusion from school, bullying, special educational needs and school admission appeals.

ACE Education

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