Groups and activities for young people

Groups and activities for young people

Groups and activities (diversionary activities) to reduce children and young people becoming involved in criminal activity, child criminal exploitation or anti-social behaviour.

Here you can find information on some groups and activities for young people living in Worcestershire. Some of these groups are especially for young people with additional needs or disabilities and others are open to everyone. All the groups are listed below where you can find more information about what's delivered in each area as well as contact details. 

Some of these groups are commissioned by Worcestershire County Council as Positive Activities. Please note that other groups have not been quality checked by the County Council and we would advise that you check that the groups are running before you travel.

Diversionary activities

Diversionary activities are a helpful response to reducing children and young people’s vulnerabilities to becoming involved in criminal activity, child criminal exploitation, anti-social behaviour and can assist in providing health routines, peer relationships and develop self-esteem and self-worth.

Diversionary activities are activities for children and young people that will have a positive impact upon their physical and mental health, self-esteem, and resilience. Children and young people having access to positive activities within their community is important to assist them in building life skills, healthy relationships, and utilising free time in a productive manner. 

Children making a positive contribution to their community is important and by accessing local activates young people can develop a sense of belonging and develop healthy supported peer relationships. 

All children and young people are different and what may interest one young person may not another, it’s important to understanding what the right activity for the individual as art and drama may be helpful for one young person whereas something more physical such as football or boxing may work better for another.

It’s important to discuss activities available with the child or young person so that their views can be taken on board and activity matched to their interests. This will result in more successful integration and attendance to the activity.

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