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Highway Extent enquiry

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Due to the Coronavirus and the exceptional circumstances at the moment we will try to meet our current turnaround times but at present we cannot guarantee a response within the quoted times. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

What is a highway extent enquiry?

A highway extent enquiry gives information about the extent of the highway that is maintained at public expense by Worcestershire County Council. This can include the carriageway, footway, grass verges and unmade surfaces adjacent to roads as well as areas of land. The motorway and trunk road network is the responsibility of Highways England, all enquiries regarding motorways and trunk roads should be directed to them.

You will be asked to identify the property or land in question, highlighted on a plan which will need to be uploaded and submitted with your application. Payment is taken at the point of order via debit or credit card.

The cost of a highway extent enquiry is £63.00, this is for producing one A4 plan at a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500. Please ensure your plan size selected is appropriate to the size of the land/property to be researched.

If your in any doubt about the size of the plan required please contact before submitting your enquiry. Failure to do so may result in delays to you receiving the results.

A refund will be available at this point if you decide not to proceed with the enquiry.

To apply for a Highway Extent Enquiry please click the link below and follow the online application process:

Apply for a Highway Extent Enquiry

Expedited service for Highways Limits

We now offer an expedited service for Highways Limits. If you require this service we will attempt to return all enquiries within 48 working hours if for reasons beyond our control this cannot be achieved within the 48 hours a full refund of the extra fee will be made. The expedited fee will be 50% of our current fees as set out below.

Expedited Fees
A4 - £94.50
A3 - £187.50
A2 - £336.00
A1 - £433.50
A0 - £565.50

If you are in doubt about the fee and/or size of plan required, please contact: