Advanced Social Work Practitioner

Advanced Social Work Practitioner

Purpose of role

Advanced Social Work Practitioners support Assessed and Supported Year in Employment programme (ASYE) staff to have the best start and support in their professional development across their first year of practice to consolidate their academic work and practice placements.

Advanced Social Work Practitioners have their practice recognised as exemplary, and provide leadership and professional wisdom to their colleagues and other professionals for work in situations of high complexity. They contribute to the development of knowledge and promotion of excellence in their field using evidence-informed practice.

To attain this role you will

  • Significant experience
  • hold a BA/BSc/MA in Social Work (or equivalent)
  • be Social Work England (SWE) registered

Key knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful in this role

  • to show a genuine commitment to supporting and enabling, Newly Qualified Social Workers across the service
  • to demonstrate a genuine interest and a good knowledge base in current research, theory and Social Work interventions that can improve practice and to promote this through their own practice/behaviour
  • to be able to work effectively with newly qualified Social Workers to promote Practice Standards, Culture and the Vision for children in Worcestershire
  • to have a thorough knowledge of the newly qualified Social Workers ASYE, standards and expectations to facilitate an effective learning experience
  • to be confident in teaching through co-working and modelling good practice

To have demonstrated that you can work at senior Social Worker level having managed a complex case load effectively and taken responsibility for progressing their own workload.


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