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Shopping Lists

The Humble Shopping List

We've all been in the supermarket and gone home with things that were already in the fridge or cupboard. Often things go off before we can eat them and end up in the bin. There is a simple way to cut down on food waste and save money and time into the bargain – the humble shopping list!

We have the following quick tips to help make list-making second nature. Spend a few minutes planning your list before you leave the house and you’ll navigate the shopping aisles in a much shorter trip:

  1. Keep a pad and pen in the kitchen - when you’ve got through the last of your favourites such as milk or cheese scribble it down on the list.
  2. Shopping for specific ingredients with meals in mind and taking a list helps ensure we use what we buy.
  3. Buying foods that can be used for several different dishes gives us flexibility to create different meals.
  4. Look for food with the longest use-by date or fresh foods which can be frozen in case you don’t get round to eating them in time.
  5. Have a quick rummage through the fridge, freezer and store cupboard once a week; it’ll end those evening runs to the local late night shop for essentials.
  6. Take a quick photo of your fridge as you leave home in the morning so you can see what's already in there!
  7. Don't forget you don't have to plan every meal in the week. In fact just having n idea of what 4-5 meals will be often works best allowing you to be flexible with unexpected leftovers. Identifying a meal from the freezer each week -such as Friday night is Freezer night - means that if your plans change and you're eating out on Friday that meal can happily sit at home on pause waiting till next week!