Reuse on the Web

Why not use the web to advertise your unwanted items?


eBay is an online auction site. Auctions are held for used, pre-owned or new items. eBay is an excellent way of selling items that are no longer of use to you or even unwanted presents.


Freecycle matches people in local groups who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them, all items listed are FREE. Freecycle has been described as ‘eBay without the money’.


Freegle is very much like Freecycle, you can either post an item you do not want any more or you can post a wanted note for something you are looking for. As with Freecycle the aim of Freegle is too keep items in use for as long as possible, keeping them out of landfill and to help local people. All items on Freegle are FREE.

Shpock is an online sales page where you post your items as well as look for things for sale within your local area.

Facebook Marketplace Buy and sell your items locally via this social media page.