Reuse at Home

We have become so used to throwing things away without a second thought. However, many items can be used over and over again.

  • Turn your old T-shirt into a duster.
  • Reuse bags as many times as possible, or why not try a canvas or cotton bag instead?
  • Buy or make labels to reuse envelopes and reuse paper for notes or shopping lists!
  • Buy and sell second hand items at car boot sales or jumble sales.
  • Why not organise ‘swap shops’ or 'swishing' parties to exchange things for free?
  • Jam jars can make handy containers for all sorts of things e.g. buttons, paint brushes or even homemade jam or chutney.
  • Be crafty and creative, it is amazing what can be made from waste.
  • Wherever possible make repairs to damaged items.
  • Make money from your unwanted clutter, try adverts in your local shop or newspaper, often it's free to advertise.