Reusable Nappies

More information on using cloth nappies

Modern reusable (washable) nappies are nothing like their terry towel counterparts of old. These days, washable nappies are as easy to use as disposable, but with the added bonus of saving you a large amount of money and reducing your black sack waste considerably. Each child gets through nearly a tonne of disposable nappies in their lifetime, so even one cloth nappy a day will save 365 a year from the waste stream.

Worcestershire Nappy Library can help you find out more about using washable nappies. They are an independent, volunteer-led service that offers free, impartial advice and support. They also have a range of nappies that you can try before committing to changing totally to washable nappies.

The nappy library is completely free for parents to try and once you have tried the library, you can apply for a £30 contribution towards the purchase of your nappies from Worcestershire County Council (terms and conditions apply).

For further information on washable nappies