Lets Waste Less Volunteers

Lets Waste Less Volunteers encourage people in their local community to reduce the amount of waste they throw away; this could be via composting, food waste reduction, recycling more, reusing or repairing items or not generating the waste in the first place.

Anyone can be a Lets Waste Less Volunteer! You do not have to be an expert in waste prevention as you will receive training on all aspects of waste before the start of any activities.

You can specialise and concentrate on composting or food waste reduction or you can advise on all aspects of waste reduction – it's up to you!

You will be expected to work 30 hours a year but these 30 hours includes all travel and preparation time. Many of our volunteers continue their voluntary work long after they reach this target, although there is no compulsion to do this.  You will be required to submit a log of the work done so that we can ensure a wide range of activities are being carried out across the county.

You will also be required to commit to your initial training as well as occasional meetings.  All travel and out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed to you.

How do I apply?

In the first instance contact Resource Futures, who are running the Lets Waste Less Volunteer programme on behalf of Worcestershire County Council.

They can be contacted on letswastelessvols@resourcefutures.co.uk. They will send you an application form which you can fill in and return and that will begin the process.

The initial training takes place over 2 days (usually a weekend) and you will be given a basic grounding on all aspects of waste prevention and recycling.

Lets Waste Less Volunteer Events