CVT Permit FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about the CVT (Commercial Vehicle & Trailer) Permit Scheme

Why have a CVT permit scheme?

  • The CVT permit scheme is in operation to prevent the use of sites by traders disposing of their business waste, at a cost to the council tax payers of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Download the CVT Policy

Where can I use CVT Permits?

How do I use my CVT permits?

  • Permits must be presented to site staff upon entry.
  • Each permit allows one visit. Permits will be retained by site staff upon entry.
  • A Recycling Assistant will check the details on the permit are correct and visually inspect your waste.
  • Permits do not entitle disposal of business waste, if the Recycling Assistant thinks it may be business waste you will be refused permission to use the site and further enquires will be made.
  • All CVT permits are only valid for the vehicle(s) described. Permits are non-transferable.

How many CVT permits do I get?

  • Households within Herefordshire and Worcestershire are able to apply for up to 12 permits per year, running April to March. Applications can be made at any time throughout the year with Permits issued on a pro-rata basis i.e. 1 permit per calendar month remaining e.g. applying in October you will receive 6 permits.
  • There are no exceptions to warrant the issuing of any further permits.
  • Each permit allows one visit at any time from April to March. You are not limited to one visit per month. You are limited to 12 visits per year.

Does the permit have an expiry date?

  • Yes. Permits are colour coded each year and expire on the 31st March. They will not be accepted after this date.

What if I change vehicle?

  • Notify us online and return any remaining permits to CVT Permits, PO Box 895, Worcester WR4 4FB
  • Existing permits must be returned before replacement permits will be issued on a like-for-like number basis.
  • All CVT permits are only valid for the vehicle(s) described.  Permits are non-transferrable.

What if I change address?

  • As long as you are moving to somewhere within Herefordshire or Worcestershire you will still be able to use any Household Recycling Centre to dispose of your household waste.
  • You can update your details by

What if I have multiple vehicles for which I require a CVT permit?

Each permit may display up to four vehicle registrations. Permits allow a single entry and should be handed to a site operative upon arrival at the site.

What forms of Hire agreement are acceptable?

  • Vehicles hire agreement form issued by hire company
  • Long term lease agreement
  • Motability agreement

Can I apply for a permit on behalf of somebody I am paying to conduct work on my behalf e.g. a builder / gardener/carpet fitter?

  • NO. Any work paid for constitutes as business waste and should be disposed of accordingly.

Can I take Business Waste to an HRC?

  • Business waste will NOT be accepted at Household Recycling Centres.
  • There are private disposal sites in Herefordshire and Worcestershire which will accept business waste on a chargeable basis.  Further details can be found online.

What type of vehicle requires a CVT permit?

Refer to the CVT permits page for definitions.

What vehicles are not allowed onto the HRC's?

  • Any vehicle exceeding 3.5 tonnes
  • Vehicles towing horse trailers
  • Double axle trailers
  • Tipper vehicles

Why are double-axle trailers banned?

  • This was introduced as part of further regulation of size / load capacity of trailers by only allowing access to single axle trailers as these are used for domestic purposes and generally have a lower maximum legal payload.
  • To minimise instances at facilities where trailers are unhitched from primary vehicle by customer and manhandled through site traffic flow into an unloading bay.

Why are all tipper mechanism vehicles banned?

  • Tipper mechanism vehicles are excluded as these are used primarily for business purposes and generally have a higher maximum legal payload.
  • To eliminate the possibility of the tipper mechanism being activated and the load ejected onto the facility floor.

How soon are permits issued?

  • Permits will be issued within 10 working days of receipt of valid application form including supporting information. Permits are sent via 2nd class post.

What supporting evidence documentation can I use?

  • A copy of the vehicle registration document (V5C)
  • Letter of authorisation from employer
  • Vehicle hire agreement form issued by hire company
  • Long term lease agreement
  • Motability agreement

What if I have existing permits, but then hire a vehicle?

  • Upon arrival at the Household Recycling Centre you will need to hand one of your valid permits to the Recycling Assistant, along with a copy of your hire agreement.

Where can I use CVT Permits?

I own a Campervan?

  • A CVT permit is not required if the V5C states the vehicle to be a camper van, the vehicle is actually used as a fully fitted out camper van and there is no panelled load compartment.
  • You may be required to show site staff the V5C stating the vehicle to be a camper van each time you visit a HRC.