Composting Accessories

Here is a selection of products that may help you to compost:

Compost Caddy

By using a composting caddy (container) you won't have to visit your compost bin every time you have some kitchen peelings.

You may find it easy and convenient to keep a caddy next to your waste bin or in one of your kitchen cupboards, such as under the sink.

Place vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, teabags and cardboard into the caddy, keeping the lid sealed shut.  At your convenience take the contents of the caddy to your compost bin.

Caddies are available at some garden centres and widely available on the internet.  The Council's suppliers of compost bins also sells them. Visit Get composting (link opens in a new window) to buy them.

Alternatively you could make your own caddy by reusing an old ice cream tub or bucket.

Compost Caddy Liner

Although not essential, caddy liners are available to line your caddy and keep it clean.  Alternatively line it with a couple of sheets from an old newspaper.  The newspaper can be scrunched up afterwards and thrown into the compost bin too.

Compost Sieve

There are times when some of your woody composting material refuses to be broken down completely. Sieving helps remove some of the larger pieces of material from your compost.  This is particularly useful when using compost as a potting mix or lawn dressing.

Garden Fork

Using a fork to mix the up the contents of your compost bin will help introduce more air, which can speed up the composting process.


To purchase these items go to Get Composting (link opens in a new window)