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Transform your garden and food waste into compost that will make your flowers bloom.

Composting is a great way of diverting your organic food and garden waste from the waste stream. There are many ways you can compost, depending on the size of your bin and how much work you want to put in, but whether you use a standard bin, a wormery or a food waste digester, you will end up with free compost that you can use on borders and tubs.

Worcestershire residents can take advantage of subsidised compost bins. They are available in 220 or 330 litre capacity and in green or black. There is a range of other bins to buy, some at subsidised prices, including wormeries, HotBins, Green Cones, Green Johanna's and various accessories. For the full range of items visit Get Composting.

The children of St Barnabas C of E Primary School show us how to compost… their own words