Our vision, mission and values

Our Vision

Worcestershire to be a wonderful place for all children and young people to grow up.

Our Mission

Supporting children and young people to be happy, healthy and safe.

Our Values

A blue circle with a blue heart inside it


Children at our heart

We will keep children and young people at the heart of everything we do




A pink circle with a icon of a family inside in pink


Value family life

We will support and empower parents to care for their own children well




A green circle with an icon of a child in it coloured green


Good education for all

We will value education as the best start in life for all children




A purple circle with an icon of cupped hands holding a family, coloured purple


Protection from harm

We will act in a professional and timely way to protect children from harm




An orange circle with an icon of hands inside, coloured orange


Embrace diversity

A progressive culture of championing equality, diversity and inclusion