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Approved Premises Licence Eligibility Criteria


The premises must:

  • be a permanent immovable structure comprising of at least a room or any boat or other vessel which is permanently moored
  • be a seemly and dignified venue for the proceedings
  • not have any current connection with any religion, religious practice or persuasion
  • meet the required fire precautions and other health and safety provisions
  • be a separate room for interviewing the couple prior to the ceremony
  • have disabled access
  • have parking provision for the registrars
The holder of the approval must ensure that there is at all times an individual with responsibility for ensuring compliance with the approved premises licence conditions.

Permanent ancillary / outdoor structures

These may include garden buildings, summer houses, gazebo’s etc.

The building must:
  • be a permanent immovable structure
  • have a brick, stone or concrete base
  • have a waterproof roof
  • have at least 3 of a minimum of 3ft high to provide protection from the elements
  • be at least 4 metres square