County Council Elections

The next scheduled County Elections will be held in May 2017.

County Council Elections are held every four years, on the first Thursday in May, although the Secretary of State can specify another date. All seats are up for election at the same time.


Results of the last County Council Elections – May 2013

A total of 57 Councillors were elected in 52 Divisions after residents went to the polls. The number of seats won are set out below.

Elected Members organise themselves into political 'Groups' which are recognised by the Council and their relative sizes determine the number of seats allocated to each Group on Committees.

As of 22 May 2014, the political groups are as follows:

Conservative Group 31

Labour Group


2013 Group (Liberal Democrat, Liberal and Green)


Independent Alliance Group (Independent Community & Health Concern, Independent, Wythall Residents Association)