The Worcestershire Works Well standards and accreditation process

What is accreditation?

The Worcestershire Works Well (WWW) accreditation consists of eight standards.

There are three levels which your organisation can work towards, starting from level one.

Once you have met the criteria for each standard you will be awarded a certificate which will be valid for three years. Re-accreditation is required after three years if your organisation has not progressed to the next level.

You must meet the criteria needed for the lower level before submitting evidence for the next level.

WWW accreditation will demonstrate that you are an organisation who takes employee health and well-being seriously.

There is no 'one size fits all' and workplace wellbeing approaches should be co-produced with employees and tailored to the needs of the organisation and workforce.

Many of the Worcestershire Works Well standards require your organisation to ensure health and wellbeing policies are in place and followed.

Additional guidance

Please see the guidance documents which can be used as a starting point when developing your own policies.

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