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Work Well Live Better

Work Well Live Better, is your new Workplace Health Programme, funded by Worcestershire County Council Public Health. 

What is Work Well Live Better?

Work Well Live Better replaces Worcestershire Works Well. 

It aims to help businesses improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce, by taking a preventative approach, whilst supporting businesses to reduce levels of absenteeism, staff turnover, and increase productivity and retention rates.

Work Well Live Better is a county wide network, which facilitates the sharing and learning of best practice, as well as peer support and access to health and wellbeing resources including training, across the main health inequalities. 

As part of your free membership to Work Well Live Better, you can gain access to our online resource hub, have the opportunity to complete a Workplace Health Needs Assessment, and join us at our calendar of exclusive events throughout the year, as well as many other membership benefits. 

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