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Worcestershire Works Well Accreditation

The three step process to accreditation.

Step 1

The organisation gathers and submits evidence including the accreditation template via the online portal for the accreditation level, starting with level 1.

It is recommended that organisations aim for level 1 accreditation within 6 - 12 months of signing up to the scheme.

Submitting evidence for accreditation

To achieve accreditation for each level, your organisation is required to submit evidence to the WWW panel electronically. Please remember that evidence must be anonymous. 

Examples of evidence include:

  • photos
  • written evidence
  • case studies
  • information, and/or copies of policies and action plans  

Step 2

The WWW Panel assesses the evidence presented by the rep (a business champion is invited to attend the panel for level 2 and a business champion must attend the panel for level 3). A visit to the organisation is also required for level 3. 

Step 3

A certificate is given if requirements are met (usually at a WWW event) which will be valid for 3 years as well as the relevant logo and feedback from the panel.

If requirements not met, support and guidance will be offered to the organisation from the WWW rep. The organisation can then re-submit evidence following recommendations given the panel, and certification will be given if requirements are met.

The organisation can consider working towards the next level of accreditation with support from the rep.

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