Surface dressing season due to start soon

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Contractors resurfacing a road

The condition of certain roads across the county will improve from next month. 

Worcestershire County Council’s annual surface dressing programme starts again in early April. It follows a break over the winter months when conditions are not suitable due to colder temperatures, ice and snow. 

Surface dressing involves bitumen and stone chippings being spread on roads which are then rolled and pressed. It’s a cost-effective way of restoring road surfaces that show signs of wear and tear. A well-designed surface dressing applied at the right time could prolong the life of a road by up to 10 years.

Councillor Mike Rouse, Worcestershire County Council’s Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Highways and Transport, said: “Our teams are all ready to go and we have our programme set out for this year. Surface dressing is much quicker than other maintenance techniques and causes less disruption to traffic and residents.

“Our surface dressing programme is an efficient way to restore road surfaces. The timing after the winter season ensures that the roads are in optimal condition for the coming months."

The benefits of surface dressing, including slowing down road deterioration, improving skid resistance and preventing potholes, contribute significantly to road safety and life of the road’s surface.  

Signs will be displayed on roads prior to any work taking place to inform people in advance that the work is being undertaken. 

The programme may be subject to change, due to weather conditions. 

Worcestershire County Council is committed to preserving and protecting the environment for future generations, as well as striving for a top-quartile position for the condition of the county’s roads and pavements. 

For residents who want more information please visit the surface dressing pages