Vape Recycling available at Worcestershire’s Household Recycling Centres

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Councillor Stokes poses with a vape bucket

Worcestershire residents are now able to recycle their vapes at their local Household Recycling Centre in a bid to reduce the amount that end up in the black bins. 

Research released last year by Material Focus showed that 5 million vapes are disposed of each week in the UK, yet only 17% of the people polled for the research said they recycle their vapes.  

These vapes contain valuable materials including a total of 10 tonnes of lithium, which when recycled is enough to produce the batteries for 1200 electric vehicles. 

Councillor Emma Stokes, Worcestershire County Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “Like any other electrical item with a plug, battery or cable, vapes should never be binned and always recycled, but there is a lot of confusion for residents as vapes are labelled and marketed as “disposable” so they believe that they should go into the black bin once used.  Not only do they contain materials such as lithium and copper that can be easily recycled, but they can also cause fires in collection vehicles and recycling facilities”. 

“We are delighted that our waste contractor, Severn Waste Services, are now offering recycling facilities for vapes at all of Worcestershire’s Household Recycling Centres and so far they are proving very popular with lots of residents using the vape recycling containers.”

Jane Hartill from Severn Waste Services said: “We are always working alongside Worcestershire County Council to provide the most up to date recycling facilities for its residents and we are pleased to be able to offer vape recycling at the county’s Household Recycling Centres (HRC’s).  The vapes are then recycled, with the various materials extracted for re-use.  However, while we can recycle vapes at the HRC’s, we would remind residents not to put them in the general waste or green recycling bins as there is a risk of fire and they can’t be recycled via the kerbside service.”

For further information on recycling facilities and location of the county’s Household Recycling Centres visit the Let's Waste Less website.