Leave your car at home this Clean Air Day

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Councils across Worcestershire are asking people to take action and leave their car at home on Clean Air Day.

Clean Air Day, the UK’s largest campaign on air pollution, is happening on Thursday 15 June 2023.


Residents are being encouraged to consider walking, cycling, wheeling or using public transport instead for journeys, including to and from work and school, which will help to reduce the amount of air pollution in our local communities. 

Cleaning up our air is good for us in many ways: it not only benefits our breathing, wider physical health and the environment but can also protect our mental and brain health. 

The physical health impacts of air pollution such as asthma, heart disease and cancers have been recognised for decades, and researchers are beginning to understand how air pollution can affect the brain and the mind.

Dr Lisa McNally, Director of Public Health for Worcestershire, said: “We know the negative impact that air pollution can have on our environment, but it is really important to remember the negative impact it can have on both our physical and mental health too. There are little changes we can all pledge to do going forward to improve both our short-term and long-term health. A few small actions from lots of people can make a big difference.” 

The Clean Air Hub highlights there are also other simple steps we can all take to help us cut down on the pollution we cause, both when out and about and at home.

These include avoiding unnecessary burning at home (e.g. in a stove or open fire), using fragrance-free, milder cleaning products, and if you do have to drive, switch off the engine when stationary and try to choose electric vehicles where you can. 

Any reductions in air pollution that we make will lead to health improvements for us and in our local community. 

For more information on Clean Air Day, air quality and health, and actions that can be taken to help reduce air pollution, visit the Clean Air Hub website.