Dazzling display showcases local primary schools’ success

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Worcestershire County Council Chairman Kyle Daisley hands a certificate and gift bag to Perryfields Primary PRU pupil Archie Joyner

A dazzling display has been set up at County Hall in Worcestershire showcasing the brilliant work of several students from Perryfields Primary PRU.

Students from a Pupil Referral Unit in Worcester were invited to spend the morning with Worcestershire County Council Chairman, Cllr Kyle Daisley, to see their work displayed and learn about how the Council worked. 

Councillor Kyle Daisley, Chairman of Worcestershire County Council said: “It was fantastic to spend the morning with the children. They were in good spirits and full of questions about local government and how the Council works, which was heart-warming to see. We had a tour of the Council Chamber and the Members’ area at County Hall and each child was presented with a small gift and a certificate for their dedication to completing the display.

He added: “The artwork and photographs really brighten up the space and has been a wonderful conversation starter for all who walk by. We will be using the area to showcase more of our wonderful schools in the coming weeks and months. This project is just one example of how I will be ensuring that young people have a voice in shaping Worcestershire’s future during my time as Chairman.”  

The visit culminated in a friendly football match at the Countryside Centre, which ended 3-1.

Pete Hines (OBE), Head Teacher at Perryfields Primary PRU said: “It was wonderful to see the students really embrace and enjoy this visit. They have worked so hard on the display, and the children were very excited for our visit to County Hall. We are very grateful to the Chairman and the Council for inviting the children in and making them feel so welcome. 

“Perryfields is a caring, welcoming, stable and friendly school community that I am extremely proud of. We focus on meeting needs and enabling our pupils to feel safe, happy and confident.  Together, we strive to bring the best out of our pupils, ensuring that they maximise their potential and are prepared as fully as possible for a return to mainstream education or special school.  We need to be the lifeboat for those pupils who need us most.”

Perryfields is one of only two APs/PRUs leading the DFE Behaviour Hubs Programme and supports schools as far afield as Devon and Doncaster, Carlisle to Kent in turning around their behaviour culture.