Bromsgrove Strategic Transport Assessment (Spring 2021)

Bromsgrove Strategic Transport Assessment (Spring 2021)

Bromsgrove District Council alongside Worcestershire County Council has commissioned a Strategic Transport Assessment (STA). 

An outcome of the STA is to provide an assessment of key transport corridors and locations for all modes of transport. This information can be used to test options for new development to understand what transport infrastructure will be required in the future. 

The first stage of the work will be to put together an evidence base of all the transport issues which the district faces. This is important be able to clearly see geographically across the whole of the district where there are issues.

Using this evidence, a range of options will then be tested to see what the likely impacts of development will be on the transport infrastructure we currently have. If new infrastructure is required the assessment will begin to identify the possible solutions. All of this information will be fed in the Local Plan review to help inform decisions on where new development could go and how infrastructure is funded.

Any relevant updates and the full assessment will be published here in full when completed.

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