Welland - M-2029 - Addition of Footpath


M-2029 - Addition of Footpath

Date of application

5 August 2013

Priority Score





Malvern Hills

Description of application

Addition of Footpath, in the Parish of Welland, along south western section of Byfield Lane (otherwise known as Westfield Lane) between junction with WD-532 and junction with WD-523, 524 and 534.

Ordnance survey grid reference

From SO 8046 3956 to SO 8031 3942


Mr D A Sharp Clerk of Little Malvern and Welland Parish Council

Address of any property on which the public right of way or proposed way lies (Must Include postcode)

No address but lane believed to be owned by Mr J T Lloyd of Morton Green farm Castlemorton WR13 6LR


Application not determined

Date and nature of determination

Application not determined

Details as to whether the order was confirmed (with or without modifications) or Appeals where the Order was not made in accordance with Schedules 14 and 15 of the 1981 Act

Application not determined

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