Early Years Inclusion

About the early years inclusion service

Children who are known to Worcestershire Pre-school Forum will be offered support as part of the core (free) offer, and referrals will be received via the Pre-school Forum. ;If a child in your care has been referred by a health professional, a member of the team will contact your setting as soon as the child is referred to the team by the Pre-school Forum.

If you require support for a child who is not known to the Pre-school Forum please contact the team directly on 01905 843099 to discuss purchasing an inclusion consultancy visit.

Special School Reception places for September 2022

There is higher demand for Special School Reception places for September 2022, as a result Worcestershire Children First have had to make alternative arrangements for nursery assessment provision in September 2022.

We are working with each Special School and the Early Years Inclusion Team and will include health partners to develop solutions which identify need and ensure the right level of support is in place for children on their entry to school.

Fort Royal Community Primary and The Vale of Evesham Special Schools are altering the delivery model of Nursery Assessment in September 2022.  This will increase the support to mainstream early years settings to both help them meet your child’s needs and ensure the nursery assessment is well informed. Families of children who have been offered this assessment and support will receive a letter/email from the SEND service.

Fort Royal Community Primary and The Vale of Evesham nursery assessment provision will be delivered via outreach services and/or the Early Years Inclusion Team within community mainstream early years settings and not onsite.

For those children offered a place at Wyre Forest Special School Nursery provision and Batchley Nursery Plus, they will be completing the nursery assessment on-site, in discussion with and involving your child’s mainstream early years setting (if attending).  Families of children who have been offered an onsite assessment will have been contacted by Wyre Forest or Batchley schools.

For children where it was not possible to offer an onsite nursery assessment at Wyre Forest Special School Nursery provision and Batchley Nursery Plus, they will be supported in their mainstream early years setting by the Early Years Inclusion Team.

We appreciate this may cause some uncertainty for parent carers and early years providers.  We are actively working to ensure the right support is in place for the pre-school children this applies to.  Individual communication will be sent to parent carers and early years settings confirming the nursery assessment provision available for individual children.  For any pre-school children not currently attending a mainstream early years setting, support will be provided to identify provision.

The Area SENCOs and SENCO Support Advisors, along with all early years and education support services transferred to Worcestershire Children First (WCF) on the 1 June 2020.

The Inclusion team now sit within the SEN Support Services team, allowing us to work more closely with our colleagues in the Sensory Impairment, Complex Communication, Learning Support and the Educational Psychology teams. We will continue to work closely with the Early Years Improvement Advisors, the Nursery Education Team and the Business Support Officer on all relevant aspects within the early years sector.

There are three routes into accessing the teams support and they can be downloaded on the following link:

Download: Early Years Inclusion Team Referral Routes (PDF)

Download: Early Years and School Inclusion Forum: Terms of Reference (PDF)

The team are developing a range of free inclusion webinars that will be available for all practitioners to view on the early years You Tube playlist (opens in a new window)


Early Years SENCO Training

The Department for Education have appointed Best Practice Network to deliver training to up to 5,000 early years SENCOs across England over the next two years. Best Practice Network will deliver accredited Level 3 EY SENCO training, nationally available, but with targeting in specific areas based on levels of disadvantage. The first cohort will begin training in October 2022 and with additional regular cohorts beginning training until August 2024. In this timeframe up to 5,000 SENCOs will be trained. The training will be available to early years staff working in group-based settings and working as childminders.

For more information and to enrol on the training please visit the Best Practice Network website 

Referrals to pre school forum by early years settings (schools, private, voluntary, and independent settings)

Download: Pre School Forum - Referrals from Early Years Settings
A flowchart for SENCO's to follow when considering whether a child meets criteria for a referral to Worcestershire Pre School Forum, a multi-agency panel that monitors progress of children with SEN and considers referrals to specialist services.
For an copy of this download email eyinclusion@worcschildrenfirst.org.uk

Graduated response

Download: Graduated Response recommended paperwork
Contains all recommended paperwork (observation, identification, tracking, individual planning) to fulfill the Graduated Response of the SEND Code of Practice (2014).
For a copy of this download email eyinclusion@worcschildrenfirst.org.uk

Download: The Graduated Response (SEND Support in Early Years Provision)
Designed to form the basis of your setting SEND folder, The Graduated Response provides guidance of the assess, plan, do and review cycle and includes recommended paperwork and signposting to other useful resources.
For a copy of this download email eyinclusion@worcschildrenfirst.org.uk

Local inclusion fund guidance - Ordinarily available in early years 2019 to 2020

An overview of the funding available to support children with SEND within Early Years Settings. In provides guidance on the Local authorities expectations of the Graduated Response and the support to be given to children with SEND.
To get a copy of this guidance please email: eyinclusion@worcschildrenfirst.org.uk