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Concessionary Travel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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What is the English National Concessionary Bus Scheme?

Since April the 1st 2008, the National Bus Concession has enabled eligible users to travel free on off peak local bus services anywhere in England. From April the 1st 2011, local responsibility for the scheme changed from the district borough councils to Worcestershire County Council.

Am I eligible for a Concessionary Travel Pass?

Eligibility is based upon Age or Disability. Please see the web page on eligibility in the concessionary travel section for more information about who is eligible for concessions.

How long will my pass be valid for?

Your pass will be valid for 5 years. 

What is off peak travel?

Free travel is only available between 9.30am and 11pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and Bank Holidays. Passes will be accepted on some infrequent services before 9.30am ( PDF 94 KB). Eligible journeys are indicated on bus timetables. Alternatively, you may contact us and staff will also be able to provide a full list of services that qualify.

Residents of Redditch may travel before 09:30 on weekdays for journeys commencing in Redditch under a scheme funded by Redditch Borough Council

If I sometimes require a companion when I travel can they travel for free throughout England too?

If you have a companion pass then your companion may travel for free only for journeys commencing in Worcestershire between 9.30am and 11.00pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and Bank Holidays.  When travelling out of the County, Companions may have to pay for the return trip.

What is meant by a 'local' bus?

Registered local bus services are buses which are open to the public and registered with the Traffic Commissioner and therefore have a timetable. Buses registered as school services only and (most) National Express services are not registered local bus services. If you are unsure you can check with the bus service operator or contact us.

Will I be able to enjoy free travel everywhere within the UK?

No, the concession only applies within England.

Is free travel only applicable to buses?

The concession is available on Local Bus services and Community Transport schemes that are members of the Worcestershire Community Transport Partnership, or run by the district council. The concession on Community Transport is a subsidy of £1 per journey to be deducted from the fare payable by the concessionary passenger. An additional subsidy of a further £1 per journey is available for local residents of the Malvern Hills. The alternative provision of Transport Tokens is no longer available.

Some local authorities outside of Worcestershire do provide additional concessions but in general these are only available to their own residents. There are no additional concessions available to Worcestershire residents.

I don’t live in London, but I visit relatives there occasionally. Will I be able to enjoy the same benefits as a Freedom Pass holder if I travel there?

No. Those benefits are paid for by the London authorities, only London Freedom Pass holders will be able to enjoy additional local travel on the tube, trains and trams. You will, however, be able to enjoy the statutory national concession of free off peak bus travel when visiting the capital.

Is Park and Ride included?

Park and Ride schemes operated on behalf of Worcestershire County Council are included although there is still a charge to the driver for car parking at the Park and Ride site.

Many Park and Ride schemes elsewhere are not included if there is a significant change for car parking included in the normal ticket price.

Is there a limit to the number of times that a pass can be used?

No, there is no limit.

My pass was issued by my district council. Will it still be valid?

As long as the pass was issued after April 1, 2008, and carried the Rose Logo, it will still be valid until the expiry date that is clearly displayed on the front of the pass.

Do I have to pay for my pass?

No. You do not have to pay for your pass when you first apply for it. However, if you lose your pass there will be a replacement charge.

What if I don't apply for my pass?

If you don't apply for a pass you will not be able to travel for free and you will be required to pay the full fare for your journey.

What if I lose my pass?

If you lose your pass you should report this immediately to Worcestershire County Council by completing the following online form I have lost my pass.  There will be a £5 replacement fee which can be paid online using a credit or debit card.

I have received my new pass but it has been rejected by the ticket machine on the bus?

Worcestershire County Council has discovered that this seems to be a national problem, where some bus operators have not updated their ticket machines in line with the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme technical changes.  All customers should be reassured that we are working with the bus operators to reduce the potential for this to happen, however, if you do experience any problems when you present your valid travel pass, please contact the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 765765 with the time, date, location and bus service so we can resolve the situation.

What if I don't use my pass any more?

If you no longer require your pass then please select the link below and follow the option 'I No Longer Require a Concessionary Travel Pass' in order for us to update our records.

Concessionary Travel Online Applications

Once you have completed this online form please securely dispose of your old pass by cutting it in half.

Can I still get Transport Tokens?

Worcestershire County Council does not offer Transport tokens as an alternative to the Concessionary Travel Pass.

Why do we capture your email address?

This will enable us to email you should we require any further information regarding your application.  We will also be able to send you a reminder email when your pass is coming up for renewal.

I have a disabled pass but I am soon to reach pensionable age.  Will I continue to receive my pass based on my disability?

No, once you reach pensionable age you will be issued a pass based on age. 

Self Service Applications

How do I apply for a Concessionary Travel Pass?

Whether applying for the first time, replacing a lost, damaged or stolen pass, or notifying us of a change in circumstances, please follow the link below:

Concessionary Travel Applications

What are the benefits of applying online?

Our online service is quick, simple and secure, and allows you to make your application at a time most convenient for you and removes the need to make an unnecessary journey to one of our Customer Service Centres.  Applying online also means that we will receive your application as soon as you have submitted it meaning that we can begin processing your application faster.

How and when will I receive my Concessionary Travel Pass?

You will receive your pass through the post within 28 days of your application.  If you are unable to upload your photograph and or evidence and you are sending these to us by post, then your pass will be received within 28 days of the required information being received by us.

How do I upload a photograph and or evidence online?

Please see our Self Service Help page where you will find instructions on how to do this. 

What do you mean by 'Passport Style' photo?

Please see our Self Service Help page where you will find detail on this. 

If I have been unable to upload my photograph and or evidence, how can I get this to you?

If you have been unable to upload your photo and or evidence then please either email or post these to us following the instructions below:·        


Please email to:
Please include your full name and postcode in the subject field


Please clearly write your name and postcode on the reverse of the photograph and any documents sent to us.  Please do not send originals as we are unable to return them.  Please send in a stamped addresses envelope to the address below:

Concessionary Travel Pass
Customer Service Administration Team
PO Box 895

How will I know when to renew my pass?

You will see the expiry date on the front of your pass on the right hand side of your photograph.  You are able to renew your pass up to three months before this date and up to 12 months after.  If your pass expired over 12 months ago then please submit a new application.

When you applied for your pass if you provided an email address then we will email you a reminder of this date.

Where do I find my Concessionary Travel Pass Number?

Your Concessionary Travel Pass Number is the 18 Digit number on the front of the pass as indicated in the photograph below:

Bus Pass

I have a pensioner pass, do I need to provide a new photo and evidence?

As we will have seen your evidence for your initial application, we will not need to see this again.  You are not required to provide a new photograph however should you wish to then you are able to as part of the renewal application.  There will be occasions when we may need to request a new photo at renewal, perhaps due to the quality of the photo, however you will be contacted if this does happen.

I have a disabled pass, do I need to provide a new photo and evidence?

We will require a new photograph and we will contact you to request one if you have been unable to upload this.  As we will have seen your evidence for your initial application, we will not need to see this again.

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