Becoming a childminder

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Becoming a childminder

What is a childminder?

A childminder is a person who receives payment for working in their own home, looking after at least one child (aged under eight) for more than two hours a day. A childminder may employ assistants who can be left alone with the children from no more than 2 hours a day (with parental permission).

Website: Become a childminder or nanny (England) from GOV.UK

What is a nanny or home child carer?

Nannies are also known as Home Childcarers and look after children of any age in the child’s own home.

Website: Childminders and childcare providers: register with Ofsted

What are the registers for early years and childcare?

Early Years Register: Caring for children aged from birth to 31 August after their fifth birthday.

Childcare Register, has two parts:

  1. compulsory: caring for children from 1 September after the child’s fifth birthday up until their eighth birthday
  2. voluntary: caring for children aged 8 and over, or join this register if you are choosing to register voluntarily (for example, if you’re a nanny)

Exceptions: When do I not need to register and who cannot register as Childminder?

There are certain exceptions when you do not need to register as a Childminder for example if you are a babysitter looking after children between 6pm and 2am or a family friend looking after children for less than 3 hours a day.

Alongside this there are times when you cannot register as a childminder for example under 18 / are barred from working with children or have been disqualified.

Find out more at GOV.UK - Becoming a Childminder

Website: Childminders and childcare providers: register with Ofsted