Emerging Minerals Local Plan

It is a national requirement that the County Council should have planning policies for the "winning and working" of minerals. The Council's current policies are set out in the "saved" policies of the 1997 Hereford and Worcester Minerals Local Plan. These policies are dated and need replacing.

The Council is preparing a new Minerals Local Plan for Worcestershire. This document will set out how we plan for mineral extraction in the county. It will guide how much and what minerals we need to be able to supply, where minerals should be extracted, how sites should be "restored" when working has finished and how minerals development should protect and enhance Worcestershire's people and places. Once it is adopted it will replace the existing minerals policies in the Hereford and Worcester Minerals Local Plan and will be part of the Development Plan for Worcestershire, to be used to make decisions about planning applications for mineral extraction, processing and restoration in the county.

The First Stage Consultation, which took place in 2012-2013, included questions to help us to develop an evidence base for the minerals local plan and understand the local issues. The Second Stage Consultation, which took place in 2013-2014, included a more detailed consultation document. The Third Stage Consultation on the Minerals Local Plan was undertaken in December 2016 to March 2017. The consultation document was developed as a full draft of the proposed wording of the Minerals Local Plan to enable comment on policy wording, potential areas of search for minerals and potential sites. This consultation included a third call for sites.

Fourth Call for Sites

In response to the comments received on the Third Stage Consultation, the Council undertook a 4th call for sites between September 2017 and January 2018 to ensure that all practical efforts have been made to meet the requirements in the National Planning Policy Framework to make provision for a 7 year landbank for sand and gravel and a 10 years landbank for crushed rock through the plan. Proposals for sites containing other types of mineral or sites for supporting minerals infrastructure were also welcomed.

We have published a 4th Call for Sites Response Document which sets out the comments and site proposals we received.

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