Commercial Vehicle and Trailer (CVT) Permits

Vehicle Permit Scheme

CVT Permits allow for the disposal of Household Waste from residents private properties in Herefordshire and Worcestershire using 'commercial type' vehicles.

Please note.

  • Permits will not be issued for Business or Trade Waste disposal. 
  • You cannot apply for CVT permits if you are using a borrowed vehicle from a friend or family member, the V5 for the vehicle must be registered at the address for which the permits are requested.  
  • If you are using a company vehicle a letter of authorisation on official company letter headed stationery from your employer is required. 

Apply for a CVT Permit

Commercial type vehicle and trailer restrictions apply at all Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. CVT permits are only available to residents of either county who wish to dispose of household waste from their own domestic property. No trade waste accepted.

This scheme applies to anyone who uses:

  • Commercial type vehicle (including hire vans)
  • Trailer over 1.3m internal length (excluding draw/tow bar and hitch)

The permit scheme is designed to tackle a range of issues including the illegal disposal of business waste which would otherwise cost the council - and ultimately council tax payers - more than £1 million a year.

Implementation of the scheme is also helping to reduce congestion, improve health and safety and increase recycling.

Permits are available FREE of charge to residents of both Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

A copy of your vehicle registration document (V5) is required to complete your application.  This can be done by attaching a photograph to your application or by posting this to PO Box 895, Worcester, WR4 4FB.

You should allow up to 10 working days to receive your permits in the post.

Permit Rules:

  • Households are permitted up to 12 permits per year (April - March).
  • Permits will be issued on a pro-rata basis, dependent upon month of application April to March.
  • Permits must be presented to site staff upon entry and will be retained.
  • Each permit allows one visit at any time between April to March.
  • Existing permits must be returned if any changes are required before replacement permits will be issued on a like for like basis.
  • No business waste permitted.

Other commercial type vehicle examples:

Vehicle Type Permit Required?
Pickup e.g. Hilux, Ranger, L200 YES
Crew Cab Pickup YES
King Cab Pickup YES
Any listed above with hard or soft top over the load bay, with or without windows/vents YES
4x4 / utility vehicle fully glazed with rear seats and no load bay, e.g. Landcruiser, Shogun, Frontera, Range Rover, Land Rover 110 with rear side glazing and rear seats NO
4x4 / utility vehicle without rear seats and rear side glazing (i.e. panel van or pickup style) e.g. Landrover 110 without rear side windows and rear seats, Hilux with windowed hard shell over load bay YES
Small car-based panel van (i.e. no rear side windows or no rear seats) e.g. Escort van, Astra van YES
Any vehicle clearly used as a commercial vehicle with commercial livery or sign writing, except Taxis. e.g. estate car with 'Jims Plumbing' livery YES

Vehicles not allowed:

The following vehicles are not allowed to access any of our Household Recycling Centres

  • Any vehicle exceeding 3.5 tonnes
  • Double axle trailer
  • Tipper vehicles

Download the HRC Commercial Vehicle and Trailer Permit Policy

How do I get permits?

Apply for a CVT Permit

  • Households are permitted up to 12 permits per year (April – March).
  • Permits are issued on a pro-rata basis, dependent upon the month of application, allowing 1 permit per calendar month e.g. applying in October you will receive 6 permits.

Unable to apply online?

  • Call us on 01905 765765

What supporting evidence documentation can I use?

  • A copy of the vehicle registration document
  • Letter of authorisation from your employer
  • Vehicle hire agreement form issued by hire company
  • Long term lease agreement
  • Mobility agreement

Does the permit have an expiry date?

  • Yes. Permits will expire on 31st March for the financial year in which they are issued and will not be accepted after this date.

Can I take Business Waste to a HRC?

  • NO - Business Waste will NOT be accepted at Household Recycling Centres.

You can get advice on how to manage your business waste from your Local Authority or by searching for 'waste management services' online.

Further Information:

Download our CVT Permit FAQs