Pershore Infrastructure Improvement Scheme


Pershore Infrastructure Engagement

There are a number of transport issues just outside Pershore which are causing poor journey time reliability and congestion. The A44 is not performing to its intended capacity and knock on effects have further impacts on the road network as a whole. For example:

  • increasing congestion along Station Road and use of Station Road by heavy goods vehicles accessing Keytec Business Park
  • the B4084 remains busy as people are choosing to drive through Pershore to avoid delays at Pinvin

The Keytec Business Park is recognised as an important concentration of higher value and higher skilled jobs. Existing access routes are indirect and not suited to carrying heavy vehicles and all are envisaged to be at or close to capacity by 2030. If this employment location is to reach its full potential, improved access is critical. The South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) recognises that high levels of development need to be supported by improvements to the road network as traffic flows will increase.

The proposal

To tackle these issues, a number of works are being proposed that will seek to upgrade the links between Pershore town centre and the A44. This comprises of three key scheme elements:

  1. The construction of a Northern Link Road

    This will provide a direct link between the existing A44/B4083 roundabout (north of the Worcester to Oxford railway line) and the B4083 roundabout (south of the railway line). The Link Road will provide a direct connection between the Keytec Business Park and the A44
  2.  Enhancement to the A44 Pinvin Crossroads

    The scheme design will complement the delivery of the Northern Link Road by prioritising the A44 link and thus reducing the green signal time on Terrace Road to enable a smoother through flow of traffic. This will reinforce the Northern Link Road as the main north-south route between Pershore and the A44
  3. Improvements to signalisation of A4104 Station Road and B4083 Wyre Road junction

    The scheme will complement the delivery of the Northern Link Road by prioritising the Station Road (south) to Wyre Road movement of traffic. This will also reinforce the Northern Link Road as the main north-south route between Pershore and the A44.

    This signalised junction is currently being constructed by Persimmon Homes to enable a safe and easier passage for vehicles and pedestrians. This will provide a robust and permanent signalised junction, which can be re-configured by the County Council at a later date, as part of the wider Pershore Infrastructure Improvements scheme. To read more about the Persimmon Homes work on the junction, please download Persimmon Homes Public Exhibition leaflet.

For more information about the scheme, please download the Proposed Pershore Infrastructure Improvements Scheme leaflet.


Public engagement sessions were held during November and December of 2017 and feedback on the scheme was also welcomed via email un until the end of December 2017.

An Engagement Report has been produced which details the feedback received and proposed recommendations following this feedback.

Download the Pershore Infrastructure Scheme Engagement report February 2018

What happens next?

Work started on Pinvin Junction on the 14 October 2019, to realign the crossroads, install a new slip road from Main Street to the A44 and widen approaches to the junction.

Download the draft plan 1

Download the draft plan 2


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