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Lets Waste Less

Coronavirus (COVID-19) bin collections

For those self-isolating due to having contracted Coronavirus (Covid-19) or suspecting that they have contracted it, all personal waste, such as tissues, should be double-bagged and kept separate from other waste for 72 hours, before being placed in the black bin.

Some bin collections may change over the coming weeks due to Coronavirus (Covid-19). To find out the latest information on waste collections visit you District Council website.

Welcome to Lets Waste Less

Here you can learn more about how you can reduce, reuse and recycle in Worcestershire.

You can find out information to help you reduce your food waste, about composting, what you can and can't recycle and where to take your items for reuse.

You'll also find seasonal tips to help you cut the amount of rubbish in your black bin during times when the amount of rubbish we produce usually increases.

Every small step you take, and encourage others to take, on your journey to waste less is a step closer to reducing your impact on the environment.

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