Safeguarding Adults

What is our purpose

The main purpose of Worcestershire Safeguarding Adults Board is to promote wellbeing and reduce the risk of harm for people with care and support needs.  We do this by;

  • seeking assurance that our partners listen to the voice of the person at risk
  • seeking assurance that Worcestershire safeguarding arrangements are in place as defined by the Care Act 2014 and supporting statutory guidance
  • seeking assurance that safeguarding practice carried out by organisations in Worcestershire is person-centred and outcome-focused
  • work collaboratively in order to prevent abuse and neglect where possible
  • seek to ensure that agencies and individuals give timely and balanced responses when abuse or neglect is identified
  • assure our self that safeguarding practice in Worcestershire is continuously improving and that we are enhancing the quality of life of adults within our local communities.

It is important to note that WSAB are not part of Worcestershire County Council (WCC). Whilst WCC are one of WSAB's statutory partners, along with the Clinical Commissioning Groups and West Mercia Police, WCC are included in the list of partners that the Board seeks assurance from. 

What we do

We work at a strategic level to monitor the effectiveness of the safeguarding work carried out by all of our partner members and partner agencies. 

Annual Priorities

Each year the WSAB holds Strategy Day to evaluate the impact of activities over the last year and identify business objectives for the forthcoming year. 

In January 2018 The Board agreed to move away from a three year strategy and focus on an Annual Business Plan in order to address emerging priorities identified through SARs and performance data.  

Priorities for 2018/19 are:

  • to improve awareness across all stakeholders of what safeguarding is. (Section 42 Criteria).
  • demonstrate that we are listening to service user and gathering their views.
  • to seek assurance that stakeholders are continuously improving knowledge and practice in relation to Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP), the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS).
  • to embed cross cutting work with Worcestershire Safeguarding Children's Board (and other relevant partnership Boards) to ensure there are improvements in professional practice, particularly in relation to professional curiosity and transition arrangements.

These have been used to complete the Annual Business Plan and aligned to the relevant sub groups to ensure that objectives are achieved.

How we do it

The Worcestershire Safeguarding Adults Board provides a forum for agreeing strategic objectives in relation to:

  • development of strategic objectives
  • policy development
  • guidance for agencies and commissioners of services
  • how the board takes forward its role in partnership with other boards and partner agencies
  • we publish a three year strategic plan that is reviewed annually with consultation

The Board is made up of several key partner organisations in Worcestershire. In order to carry out the annual objectives arising from the strategic plan. The work of the Board is supported by 5 sub-groups. These each work toward specific areas of the annual objectives.

The Board are required to publish Annual Report highlighting how the Board has performed for year.


Unlike Worcestershire Safeguarding Children's Board WSAB does not provide training.  
The County Council's training opportunities are available to view online, which you may find useful. 

Virtual Network

WSAB is always looking at improving ways that it can share information with and get feedback from people in Worcestershire. One of the ways it looks to do this is through its Virtual Network. 

The Virtual Network is a forward way of thinking which enables WSAB to consult with professionals and members of our local communities including services users and carers. The feedback received can then be evaluated and directly influence policies and guidance produced by WSAB. This can include things like the WSAB 3 year strategy, its annual business objectives and policies and guidance that directly influence service providers in Worcestershire's policies such as; 

  • Worcestershire County Council
  • Worcestershire Health and Care Trust 
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups in Worcestershire
  • Worcestershire Hospital Acute Trust
  • West Mercia Police

One of the best things about the Virtual Network is that it is not labour intensive.  

We recognise that Worcestershire’s communities hold a wealth of knowledge and insight that we would really like to utilise but also know that not everybody has the time or resources to attend meetings.  As all communication takes place virtually, via email and the internet, WSAB is able to benefit from people's knowledge, skills and experience in a way that does not inconvenience those providing their insight. 

Join our Virtual Network (opens in a new window) and help shape the way Worcestershire Safeguards its local communities.

Media Enquiries

For all media enquiries relating to Worcestershire Safeguarding Adults Board please contact 01905 846076 or 01905 844474 or email