Travel and Roads

Protected Sections of the Highway

The Council is allowed to protect sections of the highway from certain works, following substantial road works (e.g. resurfacing or reconstruction). Read more

Installing a Dropped Kerb

A vehicular access, sometimes known as a dropped kerb, is constructed where you want to allow cars access to your property. Read more

Disabled Parking Spaces (DPS)

Applying for a Disabled Parking Space. Read more

West and Shires Permit (WaSP) Scheme

Worcestershire County Council implemented the West and Shires Permit (WaSP) Scheme on 21 March 2016. The WaSP scheme requires an activity promoter to apply for a permit in order to ‘book’ time on the highway. Read more

Passenger Transport ID Badges

Details on Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks for all staff working on Worcestershire County Council transport contracts involving Regulated Activities.

Read more

Land and Property Enquiries

Should you require highways information relating to a particular property or piece of land, we operate a personal search service. The list of adopted roads is available for inspection free of charge. Read more

Gating Orders

Gating Orders may be introduced to reduce crime or anti-social behaviour by restricting access to highways. Read more

Local Transport Body

Local Transport Bodies (LTBs) decide which transport investments should be prioritised locally and ensure that an effective delivery programme can be achieved. Read more

Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund 2017/18

Worcestershire County Council have submitted an application to the Department for Transport for the Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund 2017/18. Download the application form.

Transport Guidance for Developers

Information and links to guidance that is specifically aimed at developers planning to build in Worcestershire. Read more

Street Lighting Energy Saving Initiative

Details of the council's Energy Saving Initiative which is reducing both spending and CO2 emissions by carrying out a part-night switch off of two out of three street lights in certain residential areas. Read more

Roadside Verge Nature Reserves

This project is coordinated by Ecology Services, the Highways Service and Worcestershire Wildlife Consultancy in order to identify, protect and manage verges of significant conservation interest. Read more

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