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Worcestershire Passenger Transport Strategy Consultation

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The consultation ended on 13 September 2019.

The Worcestershire Passenger Transport Strategy has been developed to support Worcestershire’s Local Transport Plan 4.

The Strategy sets out how Worcestershire County Council, working with its partners, aims to deliver passenger transport for all our residents. The Strategy will look at ways for residents and visitors to access services across Worcestershire. It recognises that passenger transport plays a key part in supporting this access.

The overarching objective of this Strategy is to ensure that residents and visitors have a level of access to services and facilities which will contribute to enjoy a good quality of life.

The Strategy will cover:

  • Home to School Transport
  • Public Transport
  • Community Transport
  • Social Care Transport

Worcestershire Passenger Transport Strategy Executive Summary

Engagement with customers to identify current and potential travel patterns and needs is essential in achieving delivery of effective, integrated services.

The views and opinions of the public are vital to ensuring that the passenger transport services provided meet the needs of the community. In delivering services, the Council will, whenever they can, communicate directly with the local community via their democratically elected County Councillor.

Worcestershire County Council has consulted residents and stakeholders on the draft Passenger Transport Strategy in order to fully understand the contribution that these services make to the local economy, and their value in terms of community, health and wellbeing.

The feedback from the consultation will be analysed by Worcestershire County Council to inform the further development of the Strategy and a summary report will be published.