Adult Services Provider Portal

What is the Adult Services Provider Portal (ASPP)?

The new ASPP will allow service providers to see remittances, purchase orders and payment reports online. It will also allow invoices and actuals to be submitted directly to Worcestershire County Council removing the need for producing and sending invoices and speeding up the payments process. The portal will be a view into the Council’s Finance system and so any changes made will show in real time.

Worcestershire County Council’s Adult Services Provider Portal (ASPP) is now live.

Access the Adult Services Provider Portal (ASPP)

Here you can find out more information on the new portal and what you will need to do.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Worcestershire County Council will continue to pay for any planned care, even where it is not possible to provide the care due to CV. We are asking that you record the care as ‘frustrated’ on the Provider Portal, and include the reason ‘due to CV’ in the comments box to ensure payment. 

Please see the following guidance for recording frustrated calls on the Provider Portal:

Adult Services Provider Portal - advice if you are not able to complete a visit due to Coronavirus (CV) (opens in a new window)

Letters from Elaine Carolan, Interim Director for People:

Download: COVID-19 letter to day service providers

Download: COVID-19 letter to domiciliary care providers - 26 June 2020

Download: COVID-19 additional fee increase letter

Download: COVID-19 letter to Supported Living-Extracare providers 18 March 2020

Information regarding Infection Control Fund

Download: Infection Control Fund - letter to providers 5 June 2020

Download: Infection Control Fund - confirmation and spend templates

Website: Adult social care infection control fund ring-fenced grant 2020 from the Department of Health and Social Care (opens in a new window)

Website: Letter from Helen Whately MP – Minister For Care to all Local Authorities (opens in a new window)