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How the Council is Run

The County Council is run by elected Councillors (opens in a new window) who are responsible for making sure that the services that the Council provides meet the needs of residents and those who work in the county.

They do this by setting the overall policies and strategies for the Council and by monitoring the way in which these are implemented.

The day-to-day work of the council is carried out by employees working within our directorates. 

Decision making

Our Cabinet (opens in a new window) is responsible for the overall business of the council and is subject to scrutiny in all it does.

Find out more about individual Cabinet Member decisions.

There are also a number of committees (opens in a new window) who take decisions on separate aspects of business and these may advise the Cabinet or full council where appropriate.

We also publish meeting papers (opens in a new window) before a meeting is due to take place or a decision is to be made and we also publish the minutes or decision notices after it has taken place. Many of our meetings are open to the public to view.

Democratic Services are responsible for the effective day to day provision of support for the Council's decision making process.

Get Involved

There are several ways you can participate so have a look at the various ways you can get involved.