Secondary school admissions close 31 October

School and College Travel

Late Applications

We are receiving a large number of late applications. While we will deal with these as quickly as possible it should be noted that it can take up to 20 working days to process - 05/09/2016

Pass Printing Progress

Most School Bus Passes have been printed and dispatched, please allow a few days for delivery. The No Pass No Travel Policy will be in force from Monday 19th September 2016 on non-fare paying school bus services 

Direct Debit Applications 2016

The deadline has now passed for joining the Direct Debit scheme for the Autumn term.  You will be able to join in December, when the Spring Term payment letters are sent out.

Re-applying for travel assistance

You do not need to re-apply unless any of the following circumstances are applicable to you:

  • You have moved house since your last application
  • You will be changing school since your last application
  • You will be moving into post 16 education.

Do you need to follow up an existing application?

Children’s Services Travel Policy

Worcestershire County Council as the Local Authority responsible for education provision has agreed a policy for Home to School Travel. Read more

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