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Interim Director of Commercial and Change

Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop

Key Accountabilities

As the Council drives towards a strategic commissioning model, the Director of Commercial and Change plays a pivotal role in shaping new models of delivery to ensure the Council is innovative and imaginative in securing outcomes for residents and reduce costs.

This includes working with fellow directors, staff, Members and partners to drive change in light of the Corporate Plan and financial constraints. This role also has a specific responsibility for commercial delivery and support.


  • Institute of Directors Certificate & Diploma in Company Direction
  • Leeds University - PhD Geology
  • Oxford University - BA (Hons) Geology (2i)

Career Information

Peter has been with Worcestershire County Council since 2012 and has delivered a range of major changes to how the Council uses digital technology delivering improved customer services. He then developed that role taking on the Property, Strategic Change, Corporate Strategy development and Health & Safety portfolios. He worked for many years in the Commercial sector and has worked with many local authorities across the UK and commercial clients internationally. He has held many senior leadership roles in a number of organisations including Service Transformation Director at Milton Keynes Council, BPO Operations Director and Director of Infrastructure Services at Serco.

He became the interim director of Commercial and Change in July 2016.

Peter is passionate about delivering service improvement and will always deliver what he promises. He is an avid cyclist and can often be seen cycling across the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire and the Black Country.


Information relating to salary and pension contributions is available within the Statement of Accounts under Officer Remuneration. The Councils Pay Policy Statement clarifies the County Council's strategic stance on pay in order to provide direction for members and officers making detailed decisions on pay and to provide the citizens of Worcestershire with a clear statement of the principles underpinning decisions on the use of public funds.