Community Transport

Community Transport schemes are set up to serve people who do not have access to conventional transport or are unable to use it. Worcestershire Community Transport has it's own website giving details of all of the current schemes

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Community Transport Options

Community Bus Services

Minibuses operated by volunteers and paid drivers serve regular routes to published timetables. They are available to all members of the general public. They also operate a variety of other journeys to address local needs.

Door to Door (often referred to as Dial-a-Ride)

Needs to be pre-booked by individuals who become members of the organisation providing the transport. The service provides individual members with door to door transport either using minibuses or cars and can be used for a number of trip purposes.

Minibus Group Travel

Vehicles owned by community groups are made available to other local organisations for low cost hire. Can be used for a number of different purposes, including leisure, education and sport.

Community Car Schemes

An organised form of lift giving, where volunteers use their own cars to provide door to door journeys for people without transport. Passengers are charged a rate per mile for their journeys to cover drivers' costs.