Flood advice


Listen to local radio and/or watch local TV stations for weather and flooding updates:

Closures / disruption during a flood:

Co-ordinated response

During a flood event the efforts of the agencies who have a responsibility to provide a response are co-ordinated by Multi-Agency Flood Plans (MAFPs). There is a multi-agency flood plan for each district in Worcestershire, maintained by the relevant district council.

Sign up to Worcestershire County Council's Twitter account. Regular updates will be posted on there in the event of floods. To follow us visit Twitter - Worcestershire County Council (opens in a new window) or search @worcscc on your Twitter account.

For more information about flooding and reducing your risk of flooding, please visit the Flood Risk Management webpage

Hollywood flood 27 May 2018

Hollywood, Wythall in South Birmingham experienced a heavy rain storm on the 27 May. Around two months worth of rain fell in two hours. This made it difficult for watercourses, drainage and sewers to cope with the extra rain water. This caused 252 properties to experience flooding. For the latest information about the Hollywood flooding and what is happening to protect properties in the future please see Hollywood Flooding