Worcestershire Children and Young People's Plan

Children and Young People at the Heart of Everything We Do

The survey has now closed and we developing the new Worcestershire Children and Young People's Plan.

Our vision is for Worcestershire to be a wonderful place for children to grow up

We believe it is important that children and young people

  • are safe from harm 
  • reach their full potential 
  • are a positive voice in their communities 
  • live healthy, happy and fun lives 

The new plan is owned by all agencies working with children, young people and families.  

The Plan will

  • set expectations around the way we work in Worcestershire 
  • clarify the collective ambition and aspirations for all children and young people in Worcestershire 
  • identify key priorities and success measures 
  • build on and add value to existing plans 
  • Wwll change over time to respond to need

If you would like to be involved please email cypp@worcestershire.gov.uk 


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