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Broomhall Way Footbridge

Broomhall Way Bridge artist impression


  • there is a need for a foot and cycle bridge to link the proposed development to the south of the A4440 Southern Link Road and Worcester City, which was identified in the South Worcestershire Development Plan
  • it has been agreed that the bridge will be fully funded by the developers and constructed by Worcestershire County Council
  • the total budget for the scheme is £3.5m
Broomhall Way Footbridge Map

Design considerations

  • the bridge is intended for the use of pedestrians, cyclists and mobility impaired user
  • the land-take of the bridge and ramps in Power Park should be kept to a minimum and any segregating effect should be avoided
  • the ramps and steps should align with current footways to ensure optimum connectivity
  • care should be taken to ensure that the bridge and ramps have minimal visual impact on the residential properties adjoining Power Park
  • the bridge and ramps should not unduly overlook the residential properties
  • the scheme should have minimal impact on the environment including habitat and species with any unavoidable impact should be mitigated
  • the structure should not have any adverse impact on flood risk
  • the bridge should be in keeping with the other arch-type structures planned for Crookbarrow Way and Hams Way
  • the entire cost of the scheme including construction and all design fees is to be within the budget of £3.5m
Power Park artist impression

Key features

  • the approach ramps have an adequately shallow gradient to accommodate all users meaning the ramps at each side need to be approximately 150m long
  • the approach ramps will combine an elevated section supported on discrete piers and a section supported on solid reinforced concrete walls
  • the purpose of the solid walled section is to reduce the risk of security and safety issues beneath a low structure, and to stop the collection of litter
  • the parapets on the approach ramps will be the same as the main span
  • the alignment of the ramp to the south of the bridge has been heavily influenced by the need to have minimal impact on the developable area and to mitigate flood risk
  • the width between the handrails will be 3.5m and the walkway will be unsegregated
  • it is envisaged that directional low-level lighting will be provided in the handrails of the parapet
  • the current proposal is considered the best option because it also requires minimal removal of vegetation and minimal permanent earthworks

Other options considered 

  • an option to extend the ramp on the northern (Power Park) side of the A4440 westwards (towards the Ketch) was considered but discounted it because it
    • would have a greater visual impact on nearby properties from both a visual obstruction and overlooking issue point of view
    • Would not be the most direct route for connectivity the local cycle network and amenities such as the local supermarket; and
    • encroaches into Power Park and potentially forms a visual barrier, effectively cutting park into two
  • ramps doubling back on themselves in a zig-zagged configuration are not considered appropriate for this site for several reasons. This arrangement does not lend itself to easy use by cyclists and, in an area where visual impact is a significant consideration, this arrangement usually presents itself as a wall of bars as a result of the overlapping steel sections, supports, and parapets. Generally, where an aesthetically pleasing bridge structure is desired, doubled backed ramps are not appropriate and detract from the overall appearance

What happens next?

  • the project team hosted a Public Information Exercise, speaking in more detail about the proposed Broomhall Way Footbridge at St Peter's Baptist Church in December 2018

Download the Summary of the Broomhall Way Footbridge Public Information Exercise

  • the planning application was given the green light in July 2019 and the bridge will be completed in 2020