Biodiversity Action Plan

There is overwhelming evidence that Worcestershire, in common with the rest of the UK, has suffered huge losses of habitats and species. One of the main aims of the Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is to assess how the limited resources available can best be used to protect and enhance what remains.

There are 47 Action Plans within the Worcestershire Local BAP: 19 habitats, 25 species and three generic action plans covering the themes of 'Biological recording and information' , 'Biodiversity education, awareness and involvement', and 'Policy, grants and legislation'.

View the Habitat and Species Biodiversity Action Plans

Each plan gives an overview of the current status of the habitat or species within the county, identifies particular threats to it and current areas of work or activity being undertaken by partner organisations. The plan then presents targets for maintenance, restoration, expansion or creation (as appropriate) for the conservation of that habitat or species, followed by a list of actions that the Biodiversity Partnership should take to achieve these targets. The revised BAP will be delivered through a partnership approach over the next ten years.